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Intimate Conversations

Feb 1, 2013

My friend Adam Gilad was on the show LIVE from a cab in San Francisco, how super COOL was that! We talked a lot about online dating, our favorite restaurant in SF, what a delicious talk indeed. He also shared with me his thoughts about consciousness, our passion, and yes, even conflict resolution. I just have a deeper respect for Adam's eloquence, his heart and understanding of what really works in communicating one's truth. Just talking to him inspired me to try online dating, I am posting my profile again! Adam's enthusiasm for life, mixed with my luscious deliciousness is a sizzling combination! This show is packed! 

Author, Teacher, Lovemeister, Emmy-Nominated Executive Producer, Stanford Humanities Center Graduate Fellow, Lady Davis Research Fellow at Hebrew University, father, reveler, kneeler in awe and aspiring sage...

Adam is the author of multiple books and programs on attraction, connection and mutual inspiration for both genders. His goal for everyone in this community is to live more passionately, from love rather than from fear, to wake up from the slumber of habit and to contribute to the collective evolution of our big, dumb, brilliant, lovable divine/simian species...

Adam Gilad is a rogue educator, writer and life adventurer, devoted to creating learning programs, films, books and live workshops that awaken, delight, provoke and inspire. The goal of this work: for each of us to love more fully, laugh more deeply, feel more sensually and live our gifts to awaken ourselves and others into soaring gratitude for every precious passing moment of our lives.