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Intimate Conversations

Apr 19, 2023

I love talking to return guests to see how they've evolved over the years. Aaron is thriving leading retreats all over the world and even more deeply grounded than I remember. He was waking up in Bali drinking his coconut water as I was ending my day in Wyoming with a glass of wine :-) We shared about the masculine and feminine energy within us all, and do our inner masculine and feminine get along? Honor each other? Express their truth?  How do we stay more embodied with breath,  movement and sound? How do the men he works with move through loneliness, depression and blame into embodied awakened masculinity?

We also discussed...

-How Aaron hears from men that they feel blamed or shamed by their partners for expressing their emotions
-How he honors his own inner feminine and inner masculine when it comes to relationship desires
-How hes thrilled to be living his purpose traveling 9 months a year leading retreats all over the globe while replenishing in Bali


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Featuring music by:
Podcast Pop Intro - written by 331Music
Chasing the Sunshine - written by pinkzebra