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Intimate Conversations

Apr 26, 2019

Ok, I really adore this dude. He gets it. And he's such a glorious compliment to my inner work with his practical tools. He's authentic in that he speaks from experience having been frustrated with dating and through diving into books and workshops then putting it into practice in the real world, he's learned how to be rejection proof! His book Magnetic goes into redefining what rejection really is anyways, to free men from trepidation around approaching women and instead stepping into their charisma and just be themselves, even their silly selves! 

We're aligned in that we both believe that we don't date/get in shape/rock our purpose to get love... instead finding your special someone is a by product of living a great life which is attractive to a healthy partner. We did a little role play with the most effective line to use when first meeting a woman... it worked like a charm! Bottom line is that we all get better when we practice, that it's not about getting EVERY woman to want you because that's not practical... it's about getting out there, living your fullest life, being yourself, approaching women regularly and watching how this recipe makes you magnetic to your ideal match. You're going to LOVE this episode! xoxo

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