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Intimate Conversations

Nov 7, 2019

Ok, I think that was one of the feistiest interviews I've ever done! Our fierce hearts sparred! Yet stayed connected. And softened. And grew in understanding, respect and tenderness. Tien's story is so rich, deep, painful, real... it was very intense. He went there with me, he's a wizard yet also a dragon, tremendously brave with so much to share. I think I unknowingly offended him with my ignorance... the reason I wanted him on the show was because I AM ignorant and wanted to learn more about genders, on how to be a more compassionate honoring person. So whew... I learned a lot. I have no idea what it must have felt like to be him. It was tremendous to navigate and stay connected. I am proud we stuck with it. I am inspired by what he's creating in the world. I'm glad he's here, that he's choosing joy, and that he chooses happiness in the face of anything. AND that we've both been healed and supported by this amazing Sunshine Coast. The land is magic, just like Tien is ;-) Enjoy. 

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