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Intimate Conversations

Aug 30, 2019

Thomas pretty much instantly captured my attention at a TV Show audition a few months back... there's a light in his eyes. He GETS it. He interviewed me on his podcast and I had the pleasure of sharing his journey with you today. Thomas articulates so beautifully the dark night of the soul and finding his purpose again. The conversation was so raw, vulnerable, inspiring and moving to tears at times. 

He's a master story teller weaving points from the top of the hour back around by the end. His love for his daughter might make you cry, it did me. His practical tools, structures and rituals have transformed his life. And he can swim! You're going to adore hearing his insights, you'll be inspired to rethink your relationship with Self, with your Beloved, your Child, your Purpose... truly embracing your evolutionary capacity to be your best you... and then your next best you... and then you're next best you... savor this conversation and let it blast your heart wide open. 

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