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Intimate Conversations

Apr 6, 2018

Talk about a man who's mastered mindset and gratitude while still being humble for his imperfections. Thom is also a master storyteller, no wonder he spends 120 days a year on the road as a Master of Ceremonies. His stories of what keeps his relationships with his daughters thriving (and mentorship to young men) will inspire you. 

While I hope I didn't make him too uncomfortable with my intimacy questions, his wisdom about what it takes to thrive in a marriage over time is exquisite and practical. He's had such a unique upbringing, life, marriage and parenthood, that he even revealed to us a period where he had a wake up call to live more fully. You're going to want to hear what he did to shift things making age 50-75yrs the best years of his life. He's alive, it's contagious and watch how you'll leave this interview aware of your next action to enhance your personal relationships or entrepreneurial spirit. 

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