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Intimate Conversations

Oct 12, 2018

OMG I have found a new best friend. Sylvia is such an inspiration with her work in women's empowerment and her sophisticated pure soulful understanding of the sacred power of our sexuality. Her modalities of healing and empowerment are complimentary to mine, we've studied many similar techniques and share a passion for supporting women and men to thrive with their soul purpose.

I was floored how much we have in common and completely inspired by her 'research' about sexuality she engaged in during her 20's in part because of her wonderful parents who insisted in the face of the Roman Catholic Church, that sexuality was natural. Sylvia takes us through her three part process to shift limiting beliefs and open up new empowered realities for her client while being a powerhouse of thriving feminine energy! Yes don't worry, I'll have her back! She's amazing! Enjoy xox

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