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Intimate Conversations

Mar 16, 2018

I don't know if it's possible to adore someone more than I adore Susie! Her energy, perspective on life, willing to be happy and focus on the good, show up and GIVE, support others, wear sexy eyeliner and rock her latest media post on (OMG!!!)- she's the total bomb.

She also has a way of quoting spot on inspiring quotes as she shares her stories that really drives it home. She gave us her inside secrets on what it takes to show up for a date, for your little me inside, for your business and for you SOUL! She's a Capricorn like me oxox and is off to Bali with her amazing stud husband to relax and write her next book. She's an inspiration to create life YOUR WAY and give the world your unique genius. You will LOVE this interview! 

Five Minutes to Famous with Susie. 

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