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Intimate Conversations

Mar 15, 2019


I've known Susan Bratton for about a decade but hadn't had a chance to get to KNOW her and the extraordinary world she's created to support  us in being better lovers. I ADORE THIS WOMAN!!! The conversation was practical, inspiring, empowering and hot. We shared about our own personal love dens and how we prepare for love making.... We shared about how to communicate with your lover so create exquisite unapologetic tender or fierce expression of your truth. We spoke of of practices to awaken your juicy factor. 

Susan's completely dynamic, loves to give her genius and you will want to instantly download her complimentary gift to to set the stage for your best love making that only gets better over time... at This instant ebook is solution to create deeper roots that will ignite higher shoots! SUCH a yummy revealing interview in honor of women who own the sacredness and power of their glorious sexuality. 


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