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Intimate Conversations

Oct 30, 2019

Damn we could have talked for days!!!! Talk about connected people, vulnerable creatures, bold beings. I loved this conversations with the Founders or Wonder and Wander who are putting on an immersive event in New Zealand in March/April 2020.

We talked truth... like how they've navigated two divorces AND starting a business together WHILE living in two separate countries. Between them, there are 5 kids. They've had the courageous conversations, the first time in 34 yrs cries... they are brave, real and open to integrating their learnings (they don't call them failures) into forgiveness and freedom.

Between the two of them they have ridiculous business superpowers AND they know how to bring forth the collective genius in the group. I am HIGHLY considering figuring out how to get my butt to NZ! Wanna come? Let's EVOLVE together. 'Tugetha' is how these sexy accented people say it! You'll LOVE this authentic, courageous, practical joyous conversation. 

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