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Intimate Conversations

Nov 26, 2020

I just KNEW I would adore this woman. Sexuality can be a portal to our soul. Women, we need to know our NO... our NO can awaken the best in our partner, make them claim us. We must own where we've misused our power, purify, and evolve. Sofia spoke of relaxed arousal, not always going for the peak, the outcome, the agency, the goal... instead to rest, to be, to let go into the fullness of pleasure, of sacred arousal, of natural sacred sexual life force energy IN us, connecting to that purity, in a cocoon of pleasure. AHHH!!! YES! Just be, and allow this energy to be our fuel for life. Rest can be a holy activity. Sofia shared personal practices for men, for women, and for couples. AND she shared complimentary books for men and women. 

This conversation is delicious, nourishing, and spot on with what I believe those of us on the conscious path need to hear during this time of awakening on the planet. You will LOVE this conversation which nourishes on so many levels.

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