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Intimate Conversations

Aug 1, 2012

Who's in LA that wants to start going to pole dancing class with me after Thanksgiving? I am so ready to own the next level of my erotic creature in totality. I have to thank Sheila Kelley's S Factor pole dancing for bringing about this fabulous epiphany. She definitely inspired me to awaken the erotic creature within and I can't wait to show up in one of her classes.

I prerecorded an inspiring, hot, REVEALING interview with the amazing Sheila Kelley for you, and will be available for you to watch at your leisure during the holiday weekend. She is a successful actor, my mentor and the originator of a pole dance fitness and strip tease phenomenon - S Factor! Sheila's work is all about helping women unearth their eroticism, beauty, potential and power. Listening to her talk about her S Factor was so inspiring. She is fabulous and gorgeous!

Sheila Kelley is one of the most renowned and sought after global femme leaders today. She is a successful actress, author, speaker, philanthropist and most notably, the originator of the pole dance fitness and striptease phenomenon. Sheila Kelley’s S Factor was launched in Los Angeles, CA in 2001 after Sheila discovered the physical and emotional benefits of pole dancing while researching a film role.

Her classes offered uninhibited feminine movement without the taboo of shame or judgment. It’s popularity reached new heights as Sheila and her celebrity clients boasted the benefits of the S Factor methods on national broadcasts. Sheila Kelley’s S Factor now spans the globe, reaching women through studios, elite retreats, books, DVDs and workshops. Sheila is widely regarded as an authority on female empowerment as she tirelessly campaigns on behalf of all women unearthing their eroticism, beauty, potential and power.