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Intimate Conversations

May 24, 2019

What a delightful conversation with someone SO rich with spiritual presence and connection WHILE being able to provide practical tools for our everyday lives. Shanthi shared such beautiful stories of growing up in India and how her father and mother were amazing yoga teachers, yet not in the 'poses' sense we think of in the West. 

We touched upon Bollywood, direct experiences and the power of the breath. I'm doing exactly what she suggested I NOT do... I'm writing this eating my salad... not being present! I'm multitasking... yet at least when I take a bite I am more present to my salad, I am listening more to my body, I am tasting the tastes more... yet I admit... still coming back to typing! Please forgive me Shanthi! Yet I AM moving in the direction of more presence and I am grateful for her practical insights home to the path of the Divine. xox

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