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Intimate Conversations

Jul 13, 2022

What fun we had! The combination of Soum's upbringing being taught kindness, mixed with her engineering mind and gorgeous heart that knows we never die... has created a life path where he's inspired by the Mystery... while providing practical guides, resources, and products to empower our healthy sex lives. We spoke of how his company's vibrators physically improve blood flow and close the 'arousal gap... while emotionally encouraging the reinvention of your sex life and invigoration of your pleasure routine. He spoke of the concept that perhaps 10% of a couple's satisfaction comes from the actual time spent having sex yet 90% of the problems arise from the lack of healthy sex. There's an amazing women's vibrator coming out this summer that his team has worked on for 3 years... I'm stoked to get one! AND to incorporate his products into HeartMates curriculum... we often don't know what vibrator to trust so we do nothing. How wonderful to have a man's mission to make our sexual health an integral part of our overall health.




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