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Intimate Conversations

Dec 8, 2021

What a wonderful reconnection after so many years with Ian, the partner of my dear friend Jaiya. How extraordinary to hear his journey of being seen 100% and being his authentic truthful loving self, releasing control or desire to change another, speaking forthright and working through his own shame or fear of not being enough. His story regarding the transformation and awakening of his kink and how that expanded the erotic blueprint into 5 categories was inspiring.... energetic, sensual, sexual, king kink, and shape shifter. The building of their huge coaching certification practice was also breathtaking. He was deeply moved by the framework they've created and impact they are making with the reversal of the patriarchal view of sex and soulful commitment to dismantle that...  The Netflix special Sex, Love & Goop is such an honoring of their stand to encourage people to remember they are whole and complete already with nothing to heal... that we all deserve to have our needs met sexually, to trust our hell yes and hell no and to have freedom, pleasure, honest communication and loving joy in our sexual experiences. 


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