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Intimate Conversations

Mar 1, 2012

There are so many keys to mesmerizing a man and breathing that passion and fire back into your relationship, and Rori Raye knows them all. She is a woman that has fully embraced how to find that fire, how to attract and maintain that delicious love that we all desire.

Rori Raye is a trained relationship coach, a former crisis counselor, and has a wonderful private practice helping women who are struggling in their love lives. She has helped thousands of women experience success in their love lives through her eBook, programs and newsletter.

Her biggest credential, however, is her personal story.

She’s been married now 20 years - brilliantly- to a wonderful man. But it wasn't always like that.

She will show you how, step-by-step in detail, how the things you do and don't do make all the difference in a relationship with a man. She’ll show you how to express yourself with words and body language in a way that builds confidence and self-esteem and gets him feeling crazy IN LOVE with you like never before.

She is a real woman, and she walks her talk. She offers you the chance to get free insights, Tools, advice and scripts from her free weekly e-newsletter. Or, you can check in with her and see what she’s writing about in her blog anytime.