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Intimate Conversations

Aug 17, 2018

Wow. Dr. Shaler is PHENOMENAL. A lot came up for me during this interview for had I KNOWN all this 15 yrs ago, I wouldn't have had to go through that hellish court battle. AND YET it was through that uncomfy cocoon that the butterfly emerged- it was through it all that I have learned what I know to share with my clients and community. Nonetheless, Dr. Shaler is spot on with her teachings on how to handle 'Hijackals®' relentlessly difficult toxic people and regain your sanity. She also is an inspiration that a healthy love relationship is possible AFTER healing and growing from a Hijackal®. She provides many proven tools that have even worked supporting the US Marines! You definitely want to hear this podcast if you are going nuts dealing with a toxic person...and to learn the tools to find your center, your assertiveness and your self worth. It was not your fault. And there is a way out. Listen now ;-) 

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