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Intimate Conversations

Oct 20, 2021

LOVED our conversation about KNOWING what we know and HOW to know that! How many times do you think you want to do something, only to do it and find out you were disappointed, drained, used? When we learn to listen to our knowing, we can be in OUR flow, not give our best selves away to situations or people that aren't aligned with our truth. Even if we DON'T know if we want to say yes to a date, a night out, a new job offer... Melissa shares many ways to create a healthy time out boundary so that you can sit in the discomfort and really listen to what's true for you. We agree that the discomfort is a GIFT or healing, growth and empowerment. Soon you'll get to a place of knowing what feels or sounds good and take charge of your calendar, time and energy. New motherhood has been a gift for Melissa to read books, but not define her unique journey based on someone's ideas but instead her own intuition. Her already amazing communication with her husband has deepened giving each other grace, remember to not take it personally when someone's 'hangry' and listening to each of their higher selves. You will LOVE these simple yet profound shifts and rich questions to ask yourself to create a life you love waking up to... even with a 3 month old! xox


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