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Intimate Conversations

Jan 1, 2012

Orna and Matthew Walters are an amazing couple to behold. These two wonderful people have the most profound advice, the most interesting perspective, and the greatest way to show you how to create and find that love that you are looking for – that we are all looking for. These two are ideals of what passionate love can do for you.

Orna and Matthew Walters are Relationship Coaches for Singles and the founders of the Love On Purpose Revolution a global online event dedicated to busting the myth that love is supposed to happen by accident. 

They each struggled with love relationships for the majority of their adult lives, individually mastered self-love allowing them to come together to form a true soul partnership. Orna and Matthew work with clients all over the globe utilizing the tools of transformation. They are dedicated to spreading the message that having love is an inside job and that it’s never too late to find the love of your life.

Orna and Matthew are often referred to as “The Power Couple” - because they help their clients step back into their power and into love. Their business is Creating Love On Purpose which teaches you how to break old patterns that are keeping you from receiving the one thing you desire most of all – LOVE!

Orna and Matthew have been featured on Fox News, NBC, MSN, USA Networks, CBS Radio and KPFK radio.