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Intimate Conversations

Aug 6, 2020

Talk about a Soul Sister. This call could have been 4 hours of YUM. Nell is awake. And human. She speaks of the power of witnessing another, you will not drown, I see you. Being witnessed eases burdens, accelerates our path of evolution. AND it’s still difficult to ask for help yet when we talk it out, we’re less sick. 

We spoke of our moms, both in heaven, her loss much more recent than mine, her mother wounds more fresh. We spoke of sexuality and conversations that are evolutionary for sex. We spoke of the tremendous loneliness on the planet now more than ever with being socially isolated… one of my favorite parts was when she spoke about the opposite of lonely… we spoke of connection and belonging yet Nell said “Happy’ish” That happy all the time isn’t true, real or possible… but choosing happy’ish is doable. And that even more deeply than happy, we yearn to be moved. She challenged me to mine for happier memories of my two marriages which revealed that even the ‘good times’ I wasn’t allowing myself to enjoy them because I wasn’t ‘me’. I have some more forgiveness work to do ;-) You will LOVE this conversation, it’s real, raw and delicious. I think we’ll keep her xoxo Enjoy ;-)

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