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Intimate Conversations

Sep 8, 2021

Holy shit, I lost my shit. Cried. Wow. I've been so triggered recently and I've been praying for support. Kenya takes couples from monogamy to polyamory. I'm most certainly not ready for that or interested whatsoever... yet damn I'm ready to heal feeling not good enough/jealous. I didn't get the solution to this in our interview per say, yet I am curious about how this woman has embodied the ability to what seems like compartmentalize with and open heart her lover, her husband, both in the same home, thriving in her business and alive in her essence. AND what impacted me the most was it took her 12 years in her marriage to feel safe. It's OK if after 4 months I still don't feel safe. And safety is required to even TALK about poly. So while I'm a master in many areas, it's humbling to know I have a brand new revealed wound to heal that has never surfaced until I really really cared about someone. Thank you for your grace as you witness my wobbly in this... good on me for already having many tools/processes she speaks of to support myself through this... and good on her for being such a bold stand for her truth and so passionate in helping couples thrive. My ego is dying.... home even MORE to my deepest spiritual nature. Would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about this conversation. Whew.


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