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Intimate Conversations

Oct 5, 2018

Whoa! This interview RAISED THE ROOF on my energy vibration! Melanie is such a glorious blend of authenticity, vulnerability and bold moves! Her capacity to ask empowering questions breaks through barriers to provide a more graceful and sustainable way to live and grow your business AND thrive personally and romantically. 

Melanie beautifully showed us how to reverse engineer our path to our goals with four pillars for success... PLUS reminded us of two potent game changers  to shift your vibration so that you can deliberately flow energy into what you choose to bring to the world. Melanie's amazing wisdom mixed with some of my crazy 8" thigh high black patent boot images are bound to life your energy and catapult you into the next dimension with your life personally and professionally! You'll listen to this one a few times! xox

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