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Intimate Conversations

Nov 30, 2018

Oh my God Goddess!!!!! I just KNEW it when I asked Meg to be on the show that there was a BIG reason! WOW! You are most likely going to be blown away by her story. You may eat up all we talked about with soul magnetism, energy boundaries, the gamma photon belt, higher selves and over Soul's... or you may need to listen a few times as she talks fast and gives TONS of AMAZING information, insights and awareness!

Bottom line? Heal your heart. You are a being of Light. Meditate. Watch what you ingest in your body with food, people, environments. We are moving to LIVE on LIGHT at 5th dimensional beings and receive energy vertically from our higher selves in a way that's blissful, sovereign and aligned with our purpose. I ADORE this woman. She gets it. She's living it. She's assisting us. Savor this podcast ;-) xox

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