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Intimate Conversations

Jul 12, 2019

I am SOOOOO blessed to meet, know, connect with, RE connect with amazing friends and colleagues like Mal Duane. This woman GETS it and walks her talk when it come to what we REALLY need to do to heal from pain and enter the doorway home to our true selves... true unconditional love, true living in the flow, true inner peace. She's gorgeous inside and out. 

Her latest book is a MUST read especially because it's dedicated to her ex! Instead of staying bitter or a victim of the betrayal, she used the experience as a gateway to unconditional  love. She's feisty, heartfelt, deeply present, inspiring and completely real. I can't wait to HUG her in person next time I'm on the East Coast. Let her help you heal your pain from heartbreak and be sure to get her latest book. You'll LOVE this interview. And you'll love Mal ;-) 

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