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Intimate Conversations

Aug 11, 2021

Dang I love this great wise down to earth gift to humanity. It had been a few years since Dr. Kelly and I co-led a couples retreat for GoBundance... we danced with our life experience and wisdom then... and this interview was like we had just led the retreat last month... yet it had been two years! He's since release his second AMAZING book called True Companions... we went through 2 of the 3 sections of the book... Loneliness and Defensiveness. It's so essential to be curious about your partner's uniqueness while coming to terms with the fact that your partner can never reeeeeeally know what it's like to be unique you. Yet Unique You from my point of view is the unique breath of God/Goddess/Source within you... so you are KNOWN 24/7 by the Divine and in my experience personally and with couples... we can look with the eyes of God/Goddess AT our partner and literally SEE that unique spark of Divinity... AND we can be seen in our unique essence when our partner looks at us through the eyes of the Divine. The presupposition to this is connecting with an open heart, letting go of holding the other accountable (which leads to blame/defensiveness) and instead take total responsibility for our lives, our wounds and show up vulnerably as often as possible. You will WISH he didn't have to leave for his son's soccer practice and you could have listened to Dr. Kelly for days... in the meantime grab his 2nd book and allow his heart centered wisdom to soothe your soul and support your relationship.



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