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Intimate Conversations

Nov 2, 2022

To say I adore this woman is an understatement. We had instant karmic connection on her Podcast and what a pure delight it was to revel in her wisdom, vulnerability, lightheartedness and aliveness in this interview. We started off deep with our aligned parts as dancers, her past suicidal ideations and moved on to how she has used that contrast to expand. She used to be allergic to her feelings and now she's committed to life, to self-love, to feeling it to heal it, to forgive but not to forget. We spoke of how perfection sets you up to fail, how we are like nature with seasons and to have compassion and curiosity. Her and her man Jeffrey are willing to face themselves over and over, are grateful for their compatibility and willingness to take ownership of themselves, each other and the partnership. Kelsey's self-love retreats sound nothing short of divine. I adore this woman who apparently wants to be me when she grows up... I don't think there's anything more flattering.  What a life altering conversation. 


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