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Intimate Conversations

Oct 1, 2012

Larry Michel is one of my dearest friends and this was such a core conversation. Larry gave us his stimulating insights on Energetics and how everything is touched by it! He talked intimacy, romance, life, even money!

Nicknamed “The Love Finder” Larry Michel is the Founder of the School of Genetic Energetics, a Master ERP™ (Energetic Relationship Professional) and the host of The Larry Love Show. He is a breakthrough relationship coach, trainer, speaker, entrepreneur, producer and author. As a partner at, he has brought to the world a scientifically proven system that instantly delivers an understanding of the impact and expanse of our energetic relationships.

Larry has taken energetics into the corporate world and shifted companies from struggling to flourishing; into the classroom and helped teachers to discover the full magnificence of their students, to parents and children that were pained by bullying and teenage cruelty to become understanding and accepting of their uniqueness; to singles stumped by their seeming inability to find a partner and giving them the freedom and clarity to attract and identify their souls desire; and to committed couples that were absorbed in guilt, shame, blame and resentment to permanently transition to accepting, honoring and respecting their differences and most important finding and embracing true loving.

“We must stop hoarding our emotions as if they were unshakable drugs, become aware of our core influences, embrace them, and release our stories so we can “Love in the Now.”

Larry’s connection to clients and companies around the globe is in constant high demand. He has one primary objective for all of us… get fully present, embrace what you are with complete unconditional love (flaws included) and enjoy every precious moment. There will be no shortage of amazing people to share the joy with.