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Intimate Conversations

Jan 6, 2021

Larry and Jess are perhaps the most kind, connected, and a passionately connected couple I may have ever met. It’s like they default to kindness and compassion. They rarely fight or even raise their voice. They deeply know the other is not trying to hurt the other even if they’re upset. They ought to be walking spokesperson’s for the Four Agreements when you just don’t take things personally!

And they’re hot for each other. It’s rare even a week goes by with making love. And they have 4 kids! You will LOVE their code word for sex! They are so free to ask for what they want... and yet as they will tell in their story... they worked to get here.

They practice. They talk things out. They speak up. They care. And they’re pretty down to earth about it all. I’m totally inspired.


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