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Intimate Conversations

Feb 27, 2020

Larry is the embodiment of a noble badass. He's real. He's hysterical, heartfelt, humble and heroic. Wow. Four h's ;-) That just flowed out of me after our amazing conversation where I learned what really matters... first his code word with his wife for sex... (this will help you if you have a house filled with kids like they do xox) and I learned about the most terrifying and humbling event in his life... AND how it made his soul and his marriage stronger. 

I respect Larry for his heart felt courage, for his deep appreciation of his wife, for his vulnerability and humor with his kids, for The Good Dads Project he leads supporting men in 5 main areas of their lives. I'm in total agreement that we weren't put on the planet to be mediocre. And being our best selves requires filling up our tank first... when mama AND papa are happy... everybody's happy, yes? You will literally be infused with enlivening inspiration, grounded truth, joyful humor and centering wisdom AND I bet you'll feel like you've made a new best friend in Larry. 

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