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Intimate Conversations

May 3, 2019

This woman and I go to realms BEYOND! Dr. Dream Kelly Sullivan Walden is an extraordinary force of nature on a mission to awaken the world to the power of dreams. She shared her dream from LAST night which of course was exactly applicable to what's going on in my life...that's how the subconscious works. When we're ready, the teacher/lesson appears. Kelly and I dove deep into the question SO many people have in relationships... do I stay or do I go? 

We pulled a card from her Hero's Journey Dream Oracle card deck (don't you want to know which one) which CONFIRMED what we were speaking of in terms of knowing when it's time to stay in a relationship for there's more growth for your soul's journey, and when it's time to leave for the soul contract is complete. When you know, you are at peace. When you worry if you've made the right/wrong choice, you drive your self batty. This episode is full of TONS of energy, insights, guidance, laugher, inspiration and take aways for you and your relationships. Enjoy!

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