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Intimate Conversations

Jan 18, 2019

This woman is AH-Mazing!!! First, wow, we have so much in common with our moms, our divorces, our spiritual growth. She had the success and everything you'd think you'd ever want when her world came crashing down. Yet she's embraced each event to receive the gift and not just 'get it' in her mind... but embody it in her heart. 


She gets how to run a huge company with her feminine power. She gets it's a commitment to daily practice to keep living from her heart. She gets the power of community and how many women are struggling silently from issues around eating, medicating their sorrows... and she's a powerful influencer of feminine empowerment to give women the tools and strategies to help them thrive. She's real, heart centered, vulnerable, powerful and I adore her vision. You will be lifted... and then some. ;-) 


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