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Intimate Conversations

Aug 24, 2018

OK, this was WAY fun. We talked about all sorts of sex positive subjects! We spoke of our journeys as women, as mothers and dating! We spoke of how to literally bring up the use of toys with your partner... or with your teenagers! Katy is phenomenal with reminding us that sex is FUN and that pleasure is our birthright! 

We really got down to the details of some vibrators she sent me (did I say I love my job? xox), as well as couple's rings, lubricants, bondage items, strap ons and she taught me the term "pegging." She spoke of still after being in the adult toy industry with Adam and Eve for 25 yrs... she still gets letters from women who at 50 or 60 yrs old, had their first orgasm. That gave me shivers. So much is possible. Listen now AND receive an incredible CODE for 50% and free shipping when you listen to the Podcast! Seriously, enjoy xoxoxo

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