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Intimate Conversations

Jan 12, 2018

Justin is an badass human being with extraordinary confidence and phenomenal vulnerability. From an early age he learned to focus on the good not the bad and live in gratitude. When dad ended up in jail, mom on opiates and he moved in with his aunt and uncle, he learned that things are OK even when they’re not OK. Today he’s been recognized Magazine and he’s an extraordinary uncle, brother and friend. And like all of us he’s a work in progress, recognizing how at times he tries too hard to make love relationships work. He bravely has identified places he feels terrified she'll leave him for someone 'better' and he’s choosing to evolve and grow with the help of his relationship coach.

A clarifying moment for him was when his mother died. She loved BIG. And Justin chooses to love people like she loved people helping to  launch their podcasts, share their voice and live in a positive way by sharing his story on his podcast. He’s an inspiration to not allow your past dictate who you become. You’ll be inspired to learn with the greatest thing about being a life for him is right now… this is a must hear interview if you want to know you're not alone in your challenges... and to feel inspired to keep going!  I sense were going to hear a lot more about Justin Schenck in 2018. He's on path with heart driven purpose.