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Intimate Conversations

Aug 2, 2019

OMG Julie is a sista from another mother! We combust into another dimension when we connect! Her story of coming home to her intuition, feminine power, her body, her SELF is hugely inspiring. AND she has practical ways that will support YOU in finding your You'est You as well. Julie understands the incredible power of questions to create new realities, to tap into your intuition, to erase aloneness and create a solid relationship with your knowing... your Hell Yes inside. 

And she walks her talk, thriving in her business and with her husband and kids... she also is navigating an even closer relationship with her body... discovering that sensuality isn't always sexual, that she can caress her body, hug herself, feel home, safe, adored and enough more deeply than ever before. Julie shines BIG and it's balanced with her inner stillness and connection. Her laughter is balanced with her listening. She's the real deal. Enjoy her free gift of her book... and look into getting her Morning Declaration Card Deck as a ritual of checking in, asking questions, being open to the evolutionary spark speaking to YOUR unique self. Enjoy ;-) 

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