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Intimate Conversations

Jan 27, 2021

This is a fabulous session with Moch and I believe not only did a lot of lightbulbs go off, but he also sees the growth that's occurred for the past four months working together privately as well. He's more present, taking more risks, and being recognized by his peers.

November video: Embodiment. Awareness is necessary to create change but then there's the step of implementation, action, embodiment. By bringing the awareness of a masculine role model into the moment, and truly calling upon that energy to be in you as you and through you, can completely change your point of view and reality.

Up close and personal: I think you will agree that there is a shift in Moch that you can visually perceive when he is present or in his mind. Until I have the pleasure of doing an intensive with him soon, I challenged him to lean into the discomfort in breathe through it like he masterfully doesn't business, and now to be that with women.

Guided meditation: In this meditation, I shift his perceptions and way of being to give him more ease and success when being with women. I play around with eliminating the word escalate and replace it with simply being him with an expanded willingness to have her phone number, have a date with her, etc.

Video was originally part of the Get Her To Say Yes


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