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Intimate Conversations

Jan 11, 2020

How gorgeous, inspiring, and fabulous is this woman?

The way she integrated her dream cards was amazing for you as well.

And her capacity to go with the flow as her dog wanted to be on set with his sexy breathing... ha!

A great way to dive into the depth of how our dreams guide us, even the scary ones.

Quick Coaching Practice:

Put a notebook and pen by your bedside table.

Write a simple question and put it under your pillow such as... Please give me clarity about X. or Please bring me wisdom about X. or What is my sore back trying to tell me? or Tell me what I need to know about my relationship with X. or I’d like to lose weight with ease and fun, what's possible?

Then, intend to remember your dreams.

Then, the moment you wake during the night to go to the bathroom or first thing in the morning, review your dreams in your mind three times, then immediately write it down.

Kelly has a great book "I Had The Strangest Dream" which is a dream dictionary and you’d be AMAZED if you do this for a straight week, the insights you will have... try it for the rest of your life and you’ll be tapped into your subconscious letting deep wisdom guide your beautiful journey.

Show was originally part of the Brave, Bold, and Raw Series from August 2017

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