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Intimate Conversations

Nov 11, 2020

Jon is one of my favorite people. Instant connection, honor and inspiration being in his world. He’s so beautifully rigorous with asking life affirming questions that unlock one’s own genius and the collective genius of the whole. He’s the creator of a method and the head of a community I am involved with called XChange. It's the future of leadership according to BMW. (FB, Keller Williams, HeartMath, Sensi, Conscious Capitalism and more)

He had a challenging childhood like many of us, and yet he was also held by the Universe like all of us are. He then followed his knowing and worked for a wonderful entrepreneurial company at 17 yrs old where a mentor INSPIRED him to be curious, to learn, to see that the quality of his life was directly correlated to the quality of questions he’d ask… and things got REALLY successful.

Now listen, watch and learn how he helps companies unlock the collective wisdom on the largest scale possible for the uplifting of hearts and minds for humanity. Like to learn more? Email Jon at with Allana Pratt somewhere in the subject line or body and receive a phenomenal Webinar learning about this methodology that he normally charges $500 or more for… absolutely free, his gift for being a part of this community.

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