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Intimate Conversations

Jan 22, 2020

After 19 yrs of being an intimacy expert, I am thrilled I waited this long to interview the amazing John Gray. I could get him deeply. We went through this amazing tantric energy exercise which I could FEEL and which brought TEARS to my eyes. I understood what he meant by hormones running the show. I have lived what he spoke of with making love to the cosmos in my body. I understood what he spoke of with women in our masculine hiding our insecurities and making our worlds out of balance. 

I felt deeply what he meant by transcending past neediness yet still owning that we require those we can depend on, that me time and selfish time are healthy self sufficiency.  I agreed that we are responsible for our own happiness. And it touched me to no end as we both welled up with tears that he still makes love to Bonnie through the cosmos, that they are ONE, that we are ALL One. What a magnificent delicious practical and higher consciousness interview from a beloved mentor of our time, Dr. John Gray. 

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