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Intimate Conversations

Nov 9, 2018

Joanna is delicious. She's simply ecstatically delicious. We started off talking about kissing... I mean how does it get even better than that? We spoke of the core importance of telling the truth, how being vulnerable is the key to navigating not only conflict but also expanding pleasure. We quoted our teachers Joseph Campbell. We honored Brene Brown's suggestion to begin sharing how we feel by saying, "The story I'm telling myself is that..." There are so many ways to communicate without taking it personally. 

We spoke of the importance of breathe and allowing emotions to move. Befriending our emotions and our little one inside supports us in getting real, centered and communicating from a place that invites deeper connection. She has a super great gift to jump start your soul love whether you're single or in relationship... listen now... dive into this sensual communication between sisters. Enjoy xox

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