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Intimate Conversations

Mar 25, 2020

What a phenomenal interview that was juicy for JJ to reveal to us as she rarely gets to dive into the magic and health of her incredible marriage to Tim. We began by tying together sugar cravings or issues with weight to the emotional component under the surface... and how it's a negative downward spiral of hormones and neurological transmitters that create more cravings and feelings of depression or self criticism. We concurred that growth is ALWAYS outside your comfort zone and this deliciously moved into her last relationship before her beloved.

You will be inspired by JJ's commitment to truth, being willing to ask the tough questions, being willing to be 100% herself, do her inner work and keep showing up for love. And voila! Of COURSE she would attract her like vibration! The ease and flow and honor she shares is totally inspiring as is her guidance on how you too can BE the one to HAVE this kind of relationship. This may be a side of JJ you rarely get to see and hear, really to watch her shine in radiance of being so beautifully met, supported and uplifted to even more of her glory, as she inspires her partner's grandeur as well. A must listen. Huge love, Allana oxox

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