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Intimate Conversations

Sep 21, 2018

AH! I could talk with Jim for hours! He’s a wealth of wisdom, inspiration and poignant stories. He confirms why goals just don’t work! He revealed not only how he went from picking cotton in the south at 6 yrs old and dropping out of high school, to his first million in his early twenties and 47 hand tailored suits in his closet… yet he was all alone, divorced and unhappy.

Along the north shore of Kauai he was silent with nature for a long time… and in the interview you will hear the Universal Truth’s he discovered and now teaches in his 6 step formula that anyone can master in order to have what you desire personally, professionally, romantically, physically… and he shares full circle where he is today and how thorough the power of letting go of control and the need for approval, you too can live the life you’ve always imagined. OMG you will listen to this over and over… enjoy! 

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