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Intimate Conversations

Dec 7, 2018

Damn we laughed a lot about bench pressing his wife (no he doesn't ) or getting kicked out of bars AND we had such profound conversations about integrity, values, what it was like to almost lose his mom. Jeremy is so wise for his age, he stays strong to his ethics and isn't afraid to embrace being an apprentice, learning from the best.

His statistics are impressive with what he's created... and yet things seemed to really take off for him when he remembered WHY he's doing all this. He truly believes our stories matter, that we have so much untapped power and potential and that we can create an amazing impact on the planet. You'll love his free gift that will support you in rocking your personal story, message and call to action whether that's getting you on a podcast, doing a speech or even articulating who you are with ease on that special date ;-) And he has some really amazing news about this coming October... you have to hear it! Enjoy xox

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