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Intimate Conversations

Apr 5, 2019

Jennifer is magic. My whole body and being gets a wake up call when I speak with her. It's been a few years since we spoke last on the show. Her life continues to expand deliciously, abundantly and joyously. There's an ease to creation for Jennifer, she KNOWS she creates what she intends. Period.

She fills us her Goddess cup. She's in loving relationship. She's a friggen' day trader now! She gives herself a permission slip to live her soul journey no matter what anyone says. She's brilliant, human like the rest of us, yet so willing to be stronger than her monkey mind and intend what she chooses...and have it. There's even a wild animal preserve in the mix... Jennifer is outstanding. She walks her talk. You will LOVE her and savor her wisdom listening to this interview several times I'm sure . Enjoy ;-) 


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