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Intimate Conversations

Sep 28, 2018

Jenn is fantastic. Hysterical. Authentic. A hoot. Totally vulnerable AND an inspiration. You are going to love the real life story of her "Happy Divorce" which doesn't mean it was easy, nor is marriage. Jenn's willing to vulnerable about where she could have done better, how she's enjoying the best sex of her life now with her boyfriend AND how we both have requests for lotion from our teenage sons... we laughed a LOT!

While perhaps peeing yourself laughing throughout this podcast, Jenn is also humble, open and shares how she wish she'd had HER book "One Happy Divorce" when she was getting separated... how she didn't listen to anyone.. yet began to listen to her deepest self and has become and even BETTER mom, lover, ex wife and woman because of this journey. This is a MUST listen as is the YOUTUBE promo video where she breaks down and beautifully cries when I ask her the last question... you're going to fall in love with this woman ;-) Enjoy. 

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