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Intimate Conversations

Mar 30, 2018

Even though in general I invite guests on that are dating, relationship and intimacy coaches... I know many of you are also entrepreneurs or small business owners who could benefit from tips, tools and resources to support the authentic presentation of your message. Jackie is a conscious leader! She gets energy! (in fact has written two books about creating, energy, manifesting etc). There are HUGE parallels about showing up for dating and showing up for your message!

Another reason I wanted Jackie on the show is that one of the most UNattractive qualities in a partner is someone who hates their job and who's song is not being sung. YET when someone is aligned with why they're on the planet and in action singing their song, it's HOT and inspiring, yes? So Jackie has a phenomenal service to support you in spreading your message on radio, podcasts, speaking gigs and summits that you will want to sign up for... she's gifting listeners of Intimate Conversations Podcast with a month for free! Imagine where you'll be this time next year having shown up, giving YOU to the world personally and professionally? This is our year people! Let's do this! xox 

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