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Intimate Conversations

Jan 19, 2018

My inspiring client who we will call APRIL was over masculine, attracted men who were narcissists or emotionally unavailable. She wasn’t in touch with the strength in her softness, the power in her vulnerability. She’d been abused and traumatized since being 4 yrs old,  had a "Metoo" molestation experience that had created a huge protection wall around her with fierce independence. She was terrified to surrender. 

To keep this protection in place to be safe, she judged herself harshly to be perfect, was highly competitive with men, judged others quickly and the results was she was single, alone, scared to be feminine and unwilling to be taken advantage of again. 

When she went through my Heart Splayed Wide Open Curriculum and became an Inner Circle Private Coaching client... the Universe must have known she was in safe potent tender unwavering hands... for she also lost her mom... and her heart began to crack open and let me in to help her heal. 


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