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Intimate Conversations

Jan 30, 2018

Joanne had a lot on her plate, a full-time business, two parents in assisted-living and a pattern of attracting men that would lie, use her, not be there for her and treat her like she was Plan B or C or even plan D. While she was super successful, there was a sliver that was needy, wanted attention, any attention, even low quality attention, anything rather than be with her own aloneness. 


Fast forward now that she’s gone through the steps that I've developed over the past 18 yrs.. and then voilà, the most amazing, ideal complementary man showed up, aligned values, healthy communication, responsible for his baggage and doing his inner work noble, appreciating her for all the inner work she’s done! It feels so natural, there’s total ease. She is so grateful she was willing to feel deeply, heal deeply, be courageous, be humble, do the work, and get the results feeling confident worthy and sexy and having that soul connection FIRST WITH HERSELF so that she could attract it and share it with her ideal match :-) You'll want to listen to this episode to learn how she did it... so you can too xoxo