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Intimate Conversations

Aug 4, 2021

Missy Kalat had previously navigated life from the analytical side until she started delving into the meaning of life in the mid-2000s. The clarity on her path of spiritual awakening, discovery and flow began once she connected with Angelus, her spirit guide, in 2005. Together they co-created The Game of Optimal Being™ where Life is a GAME. They did this through Angelus’s downloading to Missy and his over 20 shamanic communications with her.

Missy founded Experience Spirit to support people through programs and products to strengthen their optimal being through experiencing Spirit. Missy, a graduate from Harvard Graduate School of Education, is certified as a The Passion Test Facilitator and a Mandala Facilitator.


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Featuring music by:
4 Chambers - written by Aeone / BMI
Published by Angleterre Music /BMI