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Intimate Conversations

Jun 22, 2022

I have known of Kim for well over a decade... maybe 15 years... she inspired me to love my body, my vagina, my sacred sexuality. I had interviewed Sheila Kelly then started dancing at Sfactor... interviewed Jaiya and discovered my sexual blueprint... I love learning, growing and evolving and passing on all I learn to my community and clients. Kim is ALIVE and has pretty much always been aware of sacred sexuality, knowing it is a cosmic portal, a pure spiritual experience, able to access telepathic transcendent spaces. She knows sex is a path to our intuitive path, self actualization, the best version of ourselves. I asked her what was most important to her... Sex & God. When I am, as she coins "A Well F&cked Woman", I am fully nourished, my most unapologetic, creative, vibrant and KIND to myself! She encourages us to nourish ourselves with sexual energy affirming that ALL women can have orgasms and embrace their voracious sacred sexual selves. I even broke down into tears as she shared how orgasm is healing medicine to get me through my breakup. What a blessing to interview her RIGHT NOW. She is such a blessing. Check out her next Vagina Kung fu Salon. Bliss.


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