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Intimate Conversations

Sep 22, 2021

It gives me great hope to know there are such young conscious beings on this planet. Gaby is so refreshing with her vulnerability, her willingness to tell the truth, to do the work, to become aware of her thoughts, to know she has choice, to be honest with her wobbles and her bravery to make courageous choices that honor her mental health and thriving life. She shares how to navigate emotionally abusive relationship... how she had trouble letting go... how the support of the Hoffman Institute, her therapist, friends and family all supported her healthier choice. She shares how she found her deeper purpose writing not necessarily for the esteemed Architectural Digest, but for her growing Instagram community and blogs about mental health. She loves being a mental health advocate so that people understand you don't have to be on medication to still struggle with mental health issues AND that there is tons of support to help you honor yourself and attract honoring health relationships. She discusses GREEN flags of a health relationship after revealing RED flags from her abusive one. She's young, growing, open, optimistic and grateful for her journey. You will love her ;-)


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